The Akron Alumnae Chapter is calling all:

                                Dedicated Energetic Active Respected (DEARS)


Dears are Sorors and Members of our Sisterhood who have been blessed to reach the golden age of 62 years.  Dears include past Presidents, Committee Chairpersons, Officers, and Chapter members who are committed to making a difference in the Akron Community. They come with a wealth of knowledge and history.  We honor them, embrace their awesome legacy, and the shoulders for which we stand.


As a Chapter, we want to pay tribute to our Delta DEARS by supporting our very own Delta Dear Committee whose mission it will be to serve the public, mentor the Divas and Dolls, and enjoy special activities tailored to their interests and needs.  

Akron Alumnae Chapter Delta Dears 


Dreajean Brown

C. Joyce Finley-Johnson

Margaret Roberts

Mary Stewart

Dorothy Welch

Sandra Shaw

Joan Evans

Rownia Watson

Harriet Smith

Annette Grimes-Hammonds

Sylvia Thompson

Janie Foshee